2009-01-03 / Editorials & Letters

'Junkyard dog' clamps down on 'dog warden'


Recently 'Dog Warden' Duval rambles, "This website is completely run by him. He has complete control and will not give it up."

Rewind the tape and listen to how the volunteer township website was introduced by Trustee Jeff Chorpenning in 2006. Now listen to how the GOB's said "we don't need one" and "if they want to know anything, they can come to a meeting!" They even pushed a vote to not have a website more than once. The GOB's motto "we never had one before and don't need one now".

If Chorpenning had not taken his own time, brains and money to initiate one, then the dog warden would be complaining about nothing. Duval looks a gift horse in the mouth. How much would it have cost already to have a professional website established, always updated, and legal like Chorpenning has provided?

Many know the real reason there is any discussion about this website contribution. It is because of "who" controls the information flow. Chorpenning chose to allow all to see and now hear the public record. It is reality that the GOB's can no longer control what and when any of this public information goes out, so now this obviously has them going nuts!

On more than one occasion, Chorpenning has pointed out documented written errors by comparing the written minutes to the actual tap,e but the GOB's and fiscal officer still refuse to correct the written fiction. The official recorder is not always on and omits some of the happenings, so how about that?

The website podcast is only one source of immediate information available now. It is not a month or so later and is free for anyone at any time of day. Duval says you can always buy an audio tape from his wife, which takes weeks. Now you can even get a copy of a DVD from another resident, if you really want to see how things go down in full living color.

Why did the F.O. stop emailing the meeting minutes? Oh, she claimed not to have a working township scanner any longer? Then decides all along that we did have a working scanner, but then she still refused to send them. She also did not provide the final hard copy meeting notes to Chorpenning until just recently, which he promptly posted on the website.

So Duval has a problem with what? Is it really his concern that Chorpenning is at risk by posting public information on www.bowlinggreentownship.com for all to see & hear? Geary Stepp Bowling Green Township

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