2009-01-03 / Editorials & Letters

'Dog warden' is still going after the 'watchdog'


First, in response to the self appointed watch dog's last web of lies, he should read my whole letter instead of reading between the lines before he gets all worked up about it. Then I wouldn't have to respond to his previous letters because it is all in there.

He talks about being timed out during public comment period at the meetings. That is because he turns in letters for correspondence and then also reads lengthy letters during public comment period. It isn't the board's fault he is full of blah blah blah. His letters to this paper are a prime example of this. Not to mention we should consider ourselves lucky we have public comment period because there is no code or law that states this is required, it was just put in the agenda.

In reference to the free use of the community building, I too get the same perk but have never used it and plan to keep it that way. But at least when I have been there for Halloween functions or other people's parties, we don't break the contract, we clean up after ourselves. But their statement was that they were just glad to make some money, like they were the first ones to ever do that! As far as the video camera, the only time he has used his batteries, is when he couldn't sit by an outlet. It should not be his decision to rearrange the township meetings for his benefit. But when you think you are the king, you just expect everyone to bow to you. He also said that it is ok to use the electricity because "We all pay for it with our tax dollars." Does that mean I can use the snow plow or the back hoe? It is clearly in my letter, that the board didn't make a policy but did receive an opinion from the prosecutor. As I have stated in the past, remember his puppet is one third of the board and he hasn't written a policy on this either or even brought it up for that matter. I also hate to rewrite.

From the watchdog's letter: "Did his wife ask for or get a written opinion from the state? Exactly how would an audit find these payments unless they pulled the health insurance policy, checked all of the billing records and township checks. Based on my questions, auditors in the future will hopefully be doing just that, on any future township audits."

The auditors take every piece of records, this includes checks and insurance bills which list each individual by name and they still did not catch this. I don't know who he is checking with but the 'rabid lynch mob' (which, I'm proud to say, is growing in numbers) knows his form of reality.

On the tree situation, all I was stating is it takes a little common sense to operate a chain saw but I'm glad to hear that his saw works as it was designed. He thinks my comments about the chain saw were down right low. How is mentioning that he doesn't know how to operate a saw any worse than making fun of someone's reading ability? Also, I've been cutting trees for about 22 years now but I didn't have to write a lengthy letter to the board tooting my own horn about chain saw use and not being a liability. Doesn't it seem that when you brag about something it turns around and bites you in the rear (or leg in his case)?

Don't get me wrong, I would hate to see this happen to anyone. But this wouldn't have happened if the paid employees of the township would have been notified there was a tree in the road.. That is their job, to take care of the roads. Did he lose the phone number? For future reference, maybe he shouldn't 'bite the hand that feeds him.' If he hadn't been running his mouth about people, he would have felt perfectly comfortable calling a trustee or an employee for help with this situation. He has opened himself up to criticism when he became the watch dog, just as I have becoming the dog warden. I guess I'm just a little more thick skinned and can handle it. Shannon Duval, the dog warden Bowling Green Township

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