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'Watchdog' snaps back at the dog warden


Let's discuss some more of the "Dog warden" Duval tales. He mentioned something about my using a few cents of the township electricity while at a public meeting, wow.....what a crime indeed. This is something I had already written about, right down to GOB Watkins actually calling the sheriff about it.

What our new dog warden failed to mention is that an assistant county prosrecommended that the board of trustees have a formal "written policy" in place. This is exactly what I had requested the board to do the first time the video taping controversy came up. But as usual, nothing was ever done about coming up with a policy. We obviously don't need to kill any more trees and make up more paper work... RIGHT! Besides, I actually use batteries, but I have to be prepared and thus have a power cord available, just in case.

But why even have a major uproar over the use of a few cents of electricity anyway? It is a public meeting and don't we ALL pay for it with our tax dollars? I'm sure you can all guess WHY this even became a majorr issue! Speaking of tax dollars, take a look at the county records some time and see how much both of the GOB's are paying in property taxes versus what I pay. How much electric would I have used had I reserved the community building even one time? By the GOB`s decision, I (as a past township volunteer) could use the community building and all utilities to boot FREE OF CHARGE. This entire electric use issue really is a smoke screen! The fact is they created a major controversy, disrupted several meetings and are now trying to blame me for it.

I'm not sure what the dog warden means by ME "disrupting the meetings," since the main disruptions have been due to the GOB's and their lynch mob trying to stop me from video taping the public meetings and making me move around the room during the meeting. I normally wait to make my comments at the specific public comment time, not like most of his rabid lynch mob crowd. Most times I try to put my comments in writing, so someone cannot rewrite or restate what I said. Plus there is also a time limit, which is closely monitored by the dog warden's wife. I obviously get timed out, so exactly what's the beef here?

I might mention that the GOB's are the ones that voted to take away ANY public comments on NEW topics. Only one trustee voted "against" this measure. Of course, according to our new dog warden, Chorpenning does NOT vote on anything. This vote should show quite clearly who actually cares about hearing public input and advice on issues. The way it stands now, the GOB's can bring a new topic to the table and vote on it without any sort of public input. How neat is that if you want to keep anyone from saying anything to the contrary, unless of course you are in their camp and agree with them. Then it is OK to make a comment or two.

Quite interesting was the dog warden's comment about why the auditors are not held accountable as well for missing the illegal reimbursement checks. Well, I have already been asking some questions about this at the State Auditors office and am awaiting a reply. If the audit did not discover these payments, does that mean it is OK? Did his wife ask for or get a written opinion from the state? Exactly how would an audit find these payments unless they pulled the health insurance policy, checked all of the billing records and township checks. Based on my questions, auditors in the future will hopefully be doing just that, on any future township audits.

The comments about the chain saw and my severe injury were just downright low, but it's not unexpected. For your information Mr Duval, the chain saw was not the problem,. It's a tool and still works exactly as it was designed. Yes, it was an error in judgment on my part. I changed course from my initial assessment and tried to complete this task quicker by not waiting on my neighbor to get his tractor into place. I deeply regret that decision and will remember this for the rest of my life.

But I for one admit and learn from my mistakes. One thing for sure, if you never step out of the house to help out, you probably never have to deal with anything like this. Yes, this type of work is inherently dangerous. I had done quite a bit of it without a single accident. But accidents do happen, just when you don't expect them, especially when you get in a hurry to get something done. Ask the 20+ year tree trimmer, who was laying in the hospital bed right next to mine. He had his right leg broken about the same as mine. He was a professional, was pretty knowledgeable, but he had a laps in judgment and a tree decided to bite him back as well. Will "Watchdog" Kern Bowling Green Township

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