2008-12-13 / News

Local teens partying in Granville busted

By Scott Rawdon

GRANVILLE - The party was over for a group of lake area teens partying in an empty Granville home when a neighbor reported suspicious activity to the police. Nine people were arrested, three of whom were from Millersport, one from Thornville, a 20-year-old from Hebron, one from Newark, and three from Granville.

Granville Police Sergeant Dave Dudgeon said a neighbor living near 85 Pinehurst Drive in Granville noticed some peculiar activity at the home. In fact, any activity at all would be unusual since the owners of the home, which is for sale, are out of the country.

Police found eight people and plenty of empty beer cans and liquor bottles strewn about the house. One of the teens fled the home before police arrived, but the teen was identified and intercepted at home. The teen's father refused to allow police to interview the teen and both the father and the teen may face obstruction of justice charges.

Dudgeon said one of the teens is the homeowner's son. Since his parents were out of the country, he was aware the house was vacant and decided to take advantage of the situation. Dudgeon doubted there would be any breaking and entering charges because the son is the person who gained entry. Dudgeon said most likely the teens and the Hebron 20-yearold will face underage drinking charges, although the incident remains under investigation.

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