2008-12-13 / Editorials & Letters

Writer disgusted with bickering over Millersport Fire Department


I have been a resident of Millersport for 13 years and I dearly love my little town.

What in the world is going on between the fire department and the township trustees? I was always proud of our community for not having the petty infighting that we all have seen regularly in the pages of this paper. I read the article last week about the supposed "frivolous" spending of the Millersport Fire Department and my first thought was how unprofessional the whole exchange seemed.

I'm not saying that records and spending can't be questioned, but it all seemed really petty. I was alarmed before when the trustees withheld payment to the fire department, but now I am just disgusted. I expect elected officials to act like adults and have some decorum. Remember the residents when you are bickering among yourselves. We vote you in to look out for us, not act like children. Leanne Thiel Millersport

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