2008-12-13 / Editorials & Letters

Trustee responds to 'dog warden' on training issues


Last month, our self-appointed dog warden continued with more Duval diatribe once again painting pictures based on circular logic. Regarding the illegal Medicare reimbursements to Trustee Watkins, I will obviously not be commenting on this until after the judge has reached a decision in our court case.

One thing is absolutely certain had I not investigated and requested a legal opinion from the prosecutor. Trustee Watkins would still be getting these illegal $94.50 checks monthly. Every member of the board, as well as the dog warden's wife, had ample opportunity to look into this issue. But none of them apparently did anything, even after a resident questioned it repeatedly over several months. Could more education about the Ohio Revised Code have been a good thing here?

The warden clearly states that monies spent on training are useless. I personally subsidized a big chunk of what he labels as useless. He is also inaccurate when he states that, "He also wanted the tax payers to pay for backhoe operation training and CPR certification. But luckily the other two trustees wouldn't approve the training and the CPR certification." The facts are that I wanted to discuss such training. I don't recall it every coming to a vote.

On the issue of the backhoe, it was clear that the board majority did NOT want me to be operating a backhoe period. The question still remains on why backhoe training by a certified instructor, even at a cost, would be inappropriate for a township worker or trustee. Such training can cut costs, promote safety and reduce liability issues. The alternative to learn by just running it may be fine for some. But judging by the damage already done to the backhoe and buildings, formal training makes much more sense. People may even have learned someone else's bad habits and need retraining.

Yes, I did bring up possible CPR training for employees at a trustees' meeting. I think it is important that township employees have some basic lifesaving skills. I had already recertified myself, at my expenses, on basic first aid, AED and CPR. This year I completed instructor certification, serving as a volunteer certified instructor for Licking County Red Cross. I teach Adult/Child/ Infant CPR, First Aid, and AED Community classes. I encourage all government entities with employees to train everyone and would volunteer my services as an instructor to help it happen.

Don't find yourself like I did when I got hit in the head working in the township with the road gang. I was barely conscious as the expert township operator handed me (his victim), a first aid kit with a smirk. Don't be too late to provide some prevention training. Think proactive instead of promoting ignorance. As a certified trainer, the knowledge I can share with others might even save my own life some day!

Diatribes do not replace facts and spending some money for training may prevent a injury or even death. Visit www.redcrossoflc. org and find out how you might save a loved one by investing in CPR or First Aid Training; or how to volunteer to help others. Jeff Chorpenning Bowling Green Township

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