2008-12-13 / Editorials & Letters

Writer warns everyone to be careful - even during the day


I want to make area residents aware of a couple of recent robberies. I live on Ohio 204, a mile east of Thornville.

On Tuesday, Dec. 2 around 1:00 in the afternoon my husband was getting out of the shower when he heard a knock on the door. He wrapped a towel around himself and went to answer it. Earlier, he and some friends were hunting and he thought maybe one had returned. There were three young guys in hunting clothes at the door. They told him "Chris" had told them he might let them hunt on our land. We have a daughter who has two friends named Chris, so he told them to come in and sit down and he would get dressed and talk to them,

He went in the next room for a few minutes to get dressed and when he came out the door was standing open and his gun was gone and so was an envelope that was on my kitchen table. Thank goodness nothing happened to him, but the envelope contained money that my Girl Scout had raised to buy presents for the seniors at Foster Manor Senior Apartments. It was clearly marked Girl Scouts fund raiser. It makes angry that they work hard to do this every year and someone feels they need to steal their money.

The next day we went to the Perry County Sheriff's Office to look at some photos and my husband saw somebody that looked like one of the guys that came to our house. After pointing him out, we were told that he was a suspect in a another robbery that day on Oak Thorp Road. On Sunday, I was making a purchase in Coop's Corner and a guy came in there that looked just like the guy in the photo at the sheriff's office.

First of all, Perry County does not have the manpower to take care of this very quickly and in the meantime these guys are very bold and will likely continue. I hope you can print something to make area residents be very careful - even during the day - because this seems like the time they are doing the robberies. It was a very terrifying experience and my family is very scared right now. If anyone has information about these robberies, please call the Perry County Sheriff's Office at 342-4123. Name withheld Thorn Township

Editor's Note: The Beacon does not print anonymous Letters to the Editor. This letter was submitted with a name, but due to the nature of the letter we are not printing the writer's name. Please watch out for yourself and your neighbors. If you see suspicious activity, call 9-1-1.

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