2008-12-13 / Editorials & Letters

$5,000 reward offered for information on English bull dog


Hello, my name is "Extra Short Bus." I am an English Bully and I use to live at 13284 West Bank Dr. Now I live in a wonderful place over the rainbow with my mother's other animals that have come here to wait for her. I miss my mom. She spent all summer teaching me how to swim.

Anyway, back on Sunday, October 19, I disappeared from my home between 9:30 and 11:00 PM. All I did was take a walk down to the park that my mommy mows in the summer. I went with someone from there, but my mom doesn't know who. I was with them for four days and they fed me dog food four hours before I came here to the rainbow.

My mom was very upset and she cried and cried when she picked my old earthly body out of the lake water by the little lagoon near Lieb's Island. She couldn't understand how my body floated up wind and upstream from home. She took my body to the OSU College of Veterinary Medicine for some tests. The pathologists there told her what she and I already knew. I didn't drown even though my earthly body was found in the water. I guess my body had been in the water less than 24 hours when I was found Saturday, October 24.

I was wondering if anyone would help my mom find out where I was for those four days. She is still very sad and disappointed with life and people. She thinks that offering $5,000 dollars to someone who might know and want to do the right thing by telling the authorities what happened would help ease her pain. If you want to help my mom, please call Charlie at the Beacon 928-5541, if you have ANY information. Your identity will be keep confidential. OK? Thanks, I'm going out to play now because there are lots of animals to play with while I'm waiting for my mom. Extra Short Bus Eternally nine months old Over the rainbow

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