2008-12-13 / Editorials & Letters

'Watchdog' sees progress with new fiscal officer


Good Ole Boy (GOB) Johnny (Bob) Adkins' made a last feeble attempt at being the fiscal MISmanager. He paid the council members two MONTHS EARLY! Mr. Adkins' reasoning was that it was a mistake. But he said he called "a couple of them" and they said they didn't mind getting paid early. So rather than void "all those checks" (there were six), he made the decision to leave his mistake alone. There were a couple of examples given about paying elected officials even though they aren't in their office. However, I questioned what if, God forbid, one of them were to die. Or what if one of them were to resign! Do they get to keep money they didn't earn?

I also mentioned that it seems that a couple of GOBs aren't showing up for meetings now. For example, I believe GOB Evans has missed the last three meetings. The substitute solicitor stated that there were statutory provisions that could remove someone from council if they were absent a certain number of times.

The December 3rd council meeting was held with Evans and Cloud absent. But about a half hour into the meeting, in fact, right after the third reading of the ordinance to put the Operating Levy on the May ballot, GOB Brian Denton questioned that there weren't enough members present to have a quorum and to pass an ordinance. Denton went as far as reading a passage from the Ohio Revised Code citing the requirements of a quorum. However, he was quickly informed by the mayor and legal counsel that four members of a six member council DO meet the requirement for a quorum as well as the requirement to pass an ordinance after a third reading. All four members voted for the ordinance.

GOB Zoning Inspector Tom Fredericks' activity sheet shows that he gets paid to "talk to Mike Cloud" for an hour; check village and office; do village drive bys; turn on answering machine; spend four hours helping (a resident) measure a lot and issuing that same person a permit. I did notice that Fredericks wasn't at the December 3rd council meeting. Previously, he had been attending and getting paid. Sometimes he didn't say anything.

In reviewing invoices from the former "Computer Jerk," two out of the eight invoices I received didn't even have a date on them. The Auditor's Office has reminded the village several times that they should require proper invoices, amongst other things.

Since the new Fiscal Officer has taken over the village finances as of December 3rd, maybe the requests from the Auditor's Office won't fall on deaf ears as they certainly have in the past! And speaking of requests, it is so refreshing to finally get public records REQUESTS from Kirkersville in a timely manner! Bonnie Mansfield Buckeye Lake

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