2008-12-06 / Editorials & Letters

'Dog warden' responds to Bowling Green 'watchdog'


In response to watch dog's previous letter, he continues to harp on the issue of control and maintenance of township roads, especially Cooperider Road. But all the bragging he has done, it appears he is the one in charge of maintaining that road. He cuts down trees in 60 mph winds and gets injured which could have been a serious liability.

By his own admission, he continues to do what he believes is improving the end of the road. Keep in mind he has never once provided proof of a degree in road engineering, but he seems to know how to do everyone's job-- the engineers, the prosecutors, even the county commissioners!

The Sock Puppet Gang (Kern, Chorpenning and Stepp) preach about the law but they can't follow it. Several residents have questioned the illegal use of electricity to operate the watch dog's video camera at township meetings, even after an opinion was written from the prosecutor that he in no way should be using the township electricity. This opinion from the prosecutor also states the video camera can not interfere with the meeting and it should also not be in the aisles which could cause someone to trip. This would be a liability to the township but the watch dog has assured us on many occasions that he isn't a liability risk! When he was asked about using the electricity, he said it was just a small amount. But I thought the law was black and white? It doesn't matter how much he is using—he is still using it! The law must not apply to him.

Chorpenning likes to write meaningless policies, but for some reason he doesn't want to follow the prosecutor's opinion that the board should adopt a policy on how this should be handled. The only reason I can figure he won't do this, is because he is too busy trying to get his partner in office. At the last trustee meeting, the fiscal officer and I arrived early; she wanted to do some straightening up of the room. The watchdog arrived and spent 10 minutes trying to bully me out of my seat, saying that it was his seat. I wasn't aware there was assigned seating! I was at the meeting where the watchdog wanted to arrange the whole room for his convenience, it was done at that meeting but it was never formally voted on or any resolutions passed. He is all about the law but then he wants to bully me out of my seat because he thinks he is the king of the township. But on a positive note, he couldn't waste the township's electricity. I hope his battery made it or if not he certainly missed a lot of smiles from Chorpenning.

I'd like to comment once more on the situation about the Medicare reimbursement because I want everyone out there to KNOW the facts. At the meeting that Chorpenning keeps referring to (June 2008), I listened to the OFFICIAL tape again, by the way if anyone wants a copy of this tape, I'll pay the $1.50 for you to have a copy of it for yourself. The fiscal officer and the president were asking him to sign the zoning inspector's check (who he has been out to get from the beginning because his choice didn't make it); Chorpenning is the one that has made the Medicare checks an issue. They must be listening to edited versions of the recording from that meeting.

Chorpenning talks a lot about account- ability. I would like to know who HE is accountable to. Because from what we the people can see, it is no one, no one sees him out working the roads or doing anything else for the township.

I would just like to comment on the letter that was supposedly submitted by Geary Stepp, the Junkyard Dog. That is a good name for him; he must have been looking out his windows when he came up with that name. We have seen samples of his vocabulary and punctuation on another site and it is obvious that letter was not written by him.

These two (Chorpenning and Kern) think they are perfect in every way. What I've come to realize is that you learn from your mistakes and I have learned plenty. So how do they know everything if they have never made any mistakes to learn from? Shannon Duval Bowling Green Township Dog War-

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