2008-11-29 / Editorials & Letters

Writer upset with school taking Christ out of Christmas


It was recently brought to my attention that, by the request of a local judge, made to and approved by our own Liberty Union superintendent, unbeknownst to us parents, that all songs having to do with the true meaning of Christmas (Jesus Christ) have been banned from our 4th grade children's Christmas concert. Only holiday songs, having to do with snowmen and gifts, etc. are allowed to be sung.

I don't suppose that I am the only parent offended by this. First of all, Christmas (Christ Mass) is a Christian holiday, whether some people like it or not. Because of that fact, many choose not to celebrate it. I have no issue with that.

My family does choose to celebrate Christmas. Therefore, I will not agree to have Christ taken out of it for my daughter. If the school is going to celebrate Christmas then it should be done based on the history of the holiday, which is the birth of Christ. This can not be fixed by calling it a Holiday Concert. The holiday is still Christmas. You can call a horse a goat, but it's still a horse.

Second of all, our school has never forced children of different religions to participate in holiday parties that they don't believe in. And so, if this certain judge does not want to be a part of this Christmas celebration, he should not. But it is not OK for these two people to make the decision to take Christ out of my child's holiday. And so, as far as I'm concerned that makes it go against my religion, and therefore my child will not be a part of the concert/concerts being performed. I would encourage all of the Christian parents involved to be aware of what you are agreeing to by allowing your children to participate, as well.

This time, they planned on removing Christ from the holiday celebration of his birth. Wow! And it was going to be done right in front of us, without us even realizing it. And why didn't anyone feel that we had the right to be aware of this? What's next? One day we notice that our children are saying the Pledge of Allegiance without under God? And then what? Are we going to stand blindly by while this happens in our little town? Shouldn't we fight it where we can?

It amazes me, that a Christian holiday, based on Christian morals and values, such as, generosity, love, forgiveness, etc, offends someone so much, but the worldly part of it, snowmen, presents, Santa, give me this, give me that, is what they want kept in. How sad.

Mr. Superintendent...please correct me if I'm wrong! But the sources of this information are parents and TEACHERS! So, what next? Pepper Black Liberty Union School District

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