2008-11-29 / Editorials & Letters

'Junkyard dog' defends Chorpenning


Our new dog warden says, "the watchdog and his trustee puppet," so this apparently is to infer that Bowling Green Township Trustee Jeff Chorpenning is somehow not an independent thinker. Let me tell you this, I know both of the men you are talking about and I can tell you first hand, they think for themselves. If dog warden Duval had been paying attention, he would realize that the only reason there is even a township "watch dog " in existence is due to the ridiculous antics that have gone down at the township meetings in the first place.

Saying about a trustee, "Wow, he needs to up his medication!" is just totally ridiculous, since the man takes no drugs. But it really points out how far the dog warden will go to make up something. So what's next, planting something in his car?

Calling two upstanding citizens "Partners In Crime" is just downright libel. It is also a total lie to say Chorpenning doesn't vote on anything. I have been to all of the meetings for the last two years and have heard the things that have come across the table. As a matter of record, Chorpenning is the only trustee even willing to abstain due to ethics, logic, or common sense. I have heard him vote "YES" on many issues and "NO" on many others. Chorpenning has also put forth numerous other worthwhile motions, but failed to get a second from the other two trustees, so these efforts died. You're just saying something does not make it anything but your b.s. Just read the public records.

Duval rambles,"It has been stated many times that Chorpenning was never pressured into signing the Medicare reimbursement checks." So says the "dog warden"! I witnessed the entire show by the warden's wife and President Van Buren. This was indeed one of the checks in question, the other check issue was eventually settled, at a future meeting, via the passing of a resolution by the board. Duval keeps on chanting that Trustee Chorpenning "doesn't even do anything." Saying it over and over will still not make it true. While he may not toot his horn, at times going back 20+ years like Watkins likes to do at most meetings, the fact is Chorpenning has done plenty for our township.

Duval ends with," where are 'their' supporters?" The answer is, they are what we call the majority of the VOTERS! Most of us do NOT like corruption, blackmail and lies. Plus we prefer our family, friends & neighbors to NOT come out to have to see or hear the sort of antics that happen at the meetings. We do not need a lynch mob mentality to determine who is telling the truth. Geary Stepp, The Junkyard Dog Bowling Green

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