2008-11-22 / Editorials & Letters

Millersport students impress writer


Over this past weekend, the Millersport High School Choir performed a short musical called "Mugsey and Me" which included a dinner. The music room was transformed into a 1920's nightclub and our students performed and waited tables.

As a layperson the music was very good and the short play was very entertaining and engaged the audience. When I would walk into the backroom, I would hear students say that they were off beat or they missed a note or that they messed up a line. They took the performance very seriously and wanted to turn out the best product they could.

I am convinced that our Millersport students want to be the best at whatever they do and it is our responsibility as a community to support their journeys. You are only in high school once. As PPPPPixie would say, "Millersport students you make us PPPProud."

Walnut Township is a great place to live and raise our children. Vincent B. Popo Liebs Island

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