2008-11-22 / Editorials & Letters

Are Buckeye Lake officials smarter than a 4th grader?


Buckeye Lake Village Council's Finance Committee chair recently called me to ask why I disliked her so much and to express her disappointment with last week's Letter to the Editor. She wanted to know if I was running for mayor. As I told her, if I wanted to run for mayor, I could have done that last time around. After explaining to her that she had three opportunities to put the street light levy on the ballot, her response was she "tried" but refused to explain further.

I was scolded for having "NO IDEA" how much time they spend on village business. Perhaps she forgot that I spent four years on council - with a perfect attendance record - serving as Finance Chair and Personnel Chair at the same time.

"It's not the amount of time spent that matters," I said, "but the decisions that are recorded in the minutes." She responded, "That doesn't tell you everything we do. We spend hours talking before and after meetings and that you can't get that from the CDs or the minutes!" It appears she also needs a primer on sunshine laws!

She also expressed her disgust with a previous letter listing the top 10 reasons to vote "no" on an earlier try for a new police levy. I suggested that she and other elected officials take responsibility for failed levies instead of blaming The Beacon or those of us who choose to exercise our freedom of speech. She said she wrote her own letter, but complained The Beacon refused to print it because it was submitted late. She said it wouldn't have mattered anyway since Peggy Wells edits all the letters. It's amazing what elected officials can manufacture when they don't want to face the facts.

I suggested they fix the outdated village website and use it to share news about levies and the water system. She said, "No one has the time or the money to do that!" She ranted that we'll be left with no police department and no street lights!

What did President Kennedy say? "Ask not what your country can do for you, but what YOU can do for your country!" Let me share what else your public officials DID NOT DO for you. This past weekend, the Village of Millersport hosted a public dedication ceremony and tour of their new water plant expansion. NOT ONE of our eight elected officials attended! Nor did they send a representative such as our paid Development Director.

It was a very nice dedication even though I was embarrassed for our village that my 10-yearold granddaughter and I were the ONLY village residents there. We were both given a very detailed tour and explanation of how the plant works.

In June, Licking County Commissioners hosted a dedication ceremony and tour of the Buckeye Lake Sewer Plant expansion. This plant is located within our own village corporation limits but again NOT ONE of our elected officials nor employees attended. However, my granddaughter can now explain to you how bacteria is important in the operation because we were, once again, the ONLY village residents that attended. It's pretty sad when elected officials get shown up by a 10-year-old! If quizzed about either plant, I bet none of our village officials are smarter than a fourth grader. Peggy Wells Buckeye Lake

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