2008-11-01 / Editorials & Letters

Letter to the Editor: Van Buren responds to business critics


I am writing in response to the letters last week. As I read the letters I noticed they are mainly the same writers who attacked me two years ago, and several of the writers do not even live in the Buckeye Lake Beacon circulation area.

I have been a builder for over twenty years and I can guarantee I would not be in business for that long if I didn't have satisfied customers. During this campaign, all the negative letters have criticized me personally but not once has anyone questioned my work as a county commissioner or as a township trustee.

When you are making your decision for county commissioner, I challenge everyone to research what I have accomplished and brought to the Board of County Commissioners. Talk to county employees, county board members, and even other elected officials and ask them what I have done wrong. I will think you will find out I am hard working, I care about the people, and you will discover I have not done anything wrong. I appreciate your support in this election.

Commissioner Mark Van Buren

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