2008-10-25 / Editorials & Letters

One more election Letter: Vote 'no' on new police levy


I am writing to ask Buckeye Lake Village voters to vote "no" on the additional levy for the police department.

I am positive there are no policies for police department personnel, cruiser maintenance, safety equipment, uniforms, accident/incident reports and crime checks required by village officials or police department leadership.

Yes, we do need a police department with proper leadership and officers that are willing to enforce laws fairly to every citizen and on every call. Officers do take an oath. I am a former officer and I entered law enforcement willingly and wasn't trying to win a popularity contest. Yes, I would take my own family to court - been there, done that so I'm not real popular. The law is the law, no matter who you are. It all boils down to justice, leadership, the law and village council.

I thank the Beacon for accepting my comments. If you disagree with my opinion, contact the Beacon for my email address which I authorized them to release. Just remember, this is not a popularity contest.

Paul Lawrence Buckeye Lake

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