2008-10-25 / Editorials & Letters

Feightner supported for county commissioner


In a few days the citizens of Licking County will be casting their ballots for the position of Licking County Commissioner. While all the media is focused on the national election, we need to be aware that our local officials have a very significant effect on our individual lives and the future of our county.

I'm encouraging all voters to elect Brad Feightner to the position of County Commissioner. I have known Brad for many years and worked with him on various committees and organizations. He is a decent and hard-working family man who will support the interests of all Licking county citizens. Brad comes from a family with a lineage of the highest integrity and in a world in which integrity is in short measure; this should be a very important consideration in the voting booth.

Brad's opponent has been defeated in several previous tries to be elected to the office of Commissioner. He is currently serving now solely due to a temporary appointment.

Please join me in casting your vote for Brad Feightner and he will be a progressive and honest Licking County Commissioner.

Joan Grube Alexandria

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