2008-10-25 / Editorials & Letters

Van Buren responds to critic


I'm writing in response to the letters criticizing me. I ask that readers keep in mind that there are two sides to every story. The Beacon is not the place for me to argue with Jill O'Donnell about the construction of her home which she moved into and never paid for, forcing me to place a mechanic's lien on it in 1997. As for the other letter, I encourage readers to check her out as well including her affiliation with a local political party. I am not the only business owner or individual who has been in the court system as a plaintiff or a defendant.

I think Licking County residents are more concerned about how the county General Fund budget has grown 39% since 2005 and our sales ax is the highest allowed by law. I discovered that during the 2005 public hearings when county officials proclaimed the need to increase the sales tax that the county want not almost out of money.

I watch and question spending. I have argued against allowing the county to borrow money when there are adequate funds in the budget. I made the motion to lower the sales tax. I lowered your property taxes. I am actively pursuing the Job Ready Site for economic development.

There are some of the things I have accomplished in just 10 months as your county commissioner. Think how much I can do in four more years.

Mark Van Buren Licking County Commissioner

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