2008-10-25 / Editorials & Letters

More Letters: Don't give Buckeye Lake more money


Charlotte Basnett is promoting the new levy for the BLPD. Basnett said "even in hard times, most of us waste that much money on something we really don't need." (10/18 Beacon)

Unlike Ms. Basnett, I believe residents can spend their money far better than the village can. There are MANY examples, but this one can be easily verified. According to DKG Internet, the village web site set-up cost was $1,500 plus $20 a month. The village can update the website or pay the host company to do it.

Visit the village web site at "vil.buckeye-lake.oh.us" and you'll find incorrect email addresses for all elected officials and staff. The calendar of meeting dates for council, parks, planning and zoning is for 2006! The former Clerk-Treasurer dismissed several years ago is STILL listed instead of the current clerk.

John Cortez is listed as an ACTIVE council member with his term expiring in 2009. Cortez was kicked off council in August 2007 and began residing at the county jail last February. Shouldn't village officials disassociate themselves as soon as possible given the charges he faces of Sexual Misconduct with Minors and illegal possession of weapons?

The website could support the water project, but there are NO newsletters (as previously planned) to update residents. Until the village can start working smarter and demonstrate they can utilize the resources they already have, why should we give them more tax dollars to waste? Vote "NO" on BLPD levy!

Peggy Wells Buckeye Lake

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