2008-10-25 / Editorials & Letters

Farm Bureau endorses fund


The Fairfield County Farm Bureau endorsed the renewal of the $400 million Clean Ohio Fund, which is part of Ohio's economic stimulus package Governor Ted Strickland and state legislation leaders recently announced.

The Clean Ohio Fund has funded more than 700 projects to preserve more than 26,000 acres of natural areas and 20,000 acres of prime farms. The fund contributed to creating more than 216 miles of recreation trails and cleaning up 141 polluted sites.

To date, Fairfield County received an estimated $7.24 million in projects, $3 million to brownfield restoration, $2.45 million to farmland preservation, and $1.97 million to parks and trails.

Clean Ohio does work. Please vote yes for Issue 2, to continue the good work it's doing across Ohio.

Roger Wolfe Baltimore

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