2008-10-25 / Editorials & Letters

Van Buren is saving money for the county


Commissioner Mark Van Buren has been doing a great job since he was appointed in January.

He has made changes in county policies that help save money. He holds evening office hours and town hall meetings around so people can come talk to him when it is convenient. Thanks to him, there are now log books in county vehicles to track mileage. He increased the countyís liability insurance coverage from $5 million to $11 million. Commissioner Van Buren holds county departments accountable in their spending because he believes the county must live within its means, just like everyone else.

Commissioner Van Buren spoke out against loaning money for paving non-county roads and against bonding projects when the county currently has money in its capitol improvement budget. Rather than just throw money at the much-needed courthouse renovations, he created the Courthouse Renovation Committee to come up with a detailed plan for the work needed and to help find state funding. He worked with Crime Stoppers to help them get funding they need.

Most important, Commissioner Van Buren made the motion to lower the sales tax and he lowered property taxes by $1 million dollars.

If Commissioner Van Buren can do all this and more in ten months, think what he can do in four years! He is conservative with our tax dollars and always does the right thing for the people of Licking County. Commissioner Van Buren has my vote this election. I ask you to vote for him as well.

Andrea Eastman Granville

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