2008-10-25 / Editorials & Letters

Superintendent explains renewal


A property tax levy that was originally approved on May 6, 2003, for a period of five years will appear on the November 4 election ballot for renewal. The property tax was originally approved at 2.3 mills and due to local property tax growth, the new millage will be reduced to 2.10 mills. The property tax generates $258,000 per year and this amount will not be increased when the tax is renewed. The ballot language will be included in Issue 29 and will reference the Walnut Township Local School District.

A property tax renewal does not raise your taxes. According to the Fairfield County Auditor and the Walnut Township Local School District Treasurer, a resident who owns property in the school district valued at $100,000 will actually pay slightly less than was owed last year. The renewed tax on a $100,000 property will be $64.32 per year, down from $70.44, a reduction of $6.12.

The tax dollars collected from this levy are being used to assist in the payment of all school district financial obligations, including the continued renovation of the district facilities, classroom materials, personnel costs and transportation. If you have questions regarding how school districts are funded, please feel free to contact the Walnut Township Local Schools treasurer, Kirk Grandy, and he will be be happy to answer any questions you may have. He can be reached at (740) 467-1147 or email him at kgrandy@walnuttsd.org with your questions.

Ron Thornton, Superintendent

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