2008-10-25 / Editorials & Letters

Voters urged to renew Buckeye Lake street lights


In these uncertain economic times, it seems everyone is attacking our wallets. Either the money we though we had coming isn't going to be a much or the things we want to buy seem suddenly to cost more. And in the middle of all this chaos we have an election to think about.

Besides the presidential election, which now offers us choices we have never had in the past, there are local issues to consider. Again in these times, the easy thing to do is to just vote against any tax levies regardless of what they're for. But as a resident of Buckeye Lake, I urge voters to think about the two local issues. Issue 19 is a levy for the police department and that's a decision you'll have to make. But please take a strong look at Issue 20 that just asks us to continue what we are already paying. That's right; it doesn't increase your taxes. It just continues the services we need.

We are finally going to get water. Let's not go backward and turn out our street lights. Vote "YES" on Issue 20.

Mike Cassidy Buckeye Lake

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