2008-10-18 / Editorials & Letters

More Letters: Candidate questions Cooperrider's fitness to be judge

Editor: On October 11, The Columbus Dispatch published an article titled, "Building was no gift to group, some say". The article outlined how Perry County Probate/Juvenile Judge Luann Cooperrider mislead an entire community.

In the October 8th edition of Perry County's weekly newspaper, The Tribune, the judge is pictured accepting an "appreciative plaque" for donating a building to Head Start - a building, according to all the contractual documents, and Head Start's attorney, the judge bought for $110,000 and actually sold to Head Start for $295,800. Can a judge sign a contract to sell a building and then, at election time tell an entire community about making a "generous donation" of the building?

How can a person who concocts such an outrageous story be an attorney, let alone a judge? Perhaps the county prosecutor should pursue her for the $1,183 conveyance fee that was avoided by the judge signing a conveyance form, under penalties of perjury, that this was a gift.

David Humphrey Thornville

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