2008-10-18 / Editorials & Letters

Voters asked to support Cooperrider


I'm writing to ask Perry County voters to re-elect Judge Luann Cooperrider for Probate-Juvenile Court.

Judge Cooperrider has dedicated her life to the people of Perry County. Her record speaks for itself. She has brought in over $2 million in grants for Perry County and several jobs, helping the local economy.

She has created several programs for our youth. Instead of just locking them up, she has tried to turn their lives around. One program is the ALPHA School where students can get the extra attention they need to succeed.

There are more programs she implemented. If you get a chance read her pamphlet.

I used to be a manager at a local factory and found out there is no substitute for experience on the job. Judge Cooperrider has 18 years of judicial experience. Let's be thankful she is willing to give us another six years to help Perry County. I also want to thank her for all the articles in the newspapers. It lets us know what's going on in our county. I would also like to thank her for doing her part in helping our environment by riding her bicycle to work.

Roger, Rita and Leo Humphrey ask you to vote for Judge Cooperrider.

Roger, Rita and Leo Humphrey

New Lexington

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