2008-10-18 / Editorials & Letters

Thanks for help after wind storm


This letter is long overdue. We would like to thank all of the people that made the power outage and wind damage debris tolerable. The township trustees along with Eddie Lynch, Tim Morris and Randy Kemmerer did a commendable job of clearing the roads of trees and debris. Our neighbors on Lieb's Island provided coffee, food and freezer storage for those of us without power. Half of us on Lieb's Island went from Sunday to Sunday without power. Licking County Water and Wastewater employees made sure our sewer tanks were emptied and that sanitation service was not disrupted.

As an employee of the village I would like to personally thank Dale Walter, Tom Boso and Mike Bergum for making sure the sewer and water supply was flowing. The water and sewer departments spent many long hours making sure the generators kept running. Members of our Fire Department and the work of Gilbert Arnold and Vic Runkle cleared the streets of debris. Our police officers of Chief Randy Lewis, John Shirk, Mark Consolo and Kevin Gentzel kept the streets safe and aided AEP in restoring power.

Sharon Koss, Sandy Lines and Susan Ramsey kept the office open and worked with only one generator powering the computers. Finally, Gilbert, Mike and Tom worked very hard repairing a busted water line on Lieb's Island. Again, thank all of you. We know this is a great place to live and sometimes we need a disaster to bring out the good in all of us.

Vince, Debbi and Michael Popo

Lieb's Island

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