2008-10-18 / Editorials & Letters

Writer supports Buckeye Lake police levy


Buckeye Lake Village residents again are faced with a decision on the proposed 2.5 mill police levy. Here are some facts that might help you decide: The current levy brings in $101,000 a year. With a department that has been cut to just five (three full-time, two part-time) officers, it still costs about $217,000. This means about $116,000 must come from the General Fund. Since this amount is spent on law enforcement, it is not available to pay for other village needs like getting rid of dilapidated houses, cleaning up Ryan Park, purchasing playground equipment, building sidewalks, improving streets and coming up with matching money for grants.

People seem quick to condemn the police when we know it is not popular to write tickets, investigate crime, arrest and send people to jail, or get in the middle of domestic disputes. Yet we want them there when we need them. The police respond to between 120 to 150 calls per month. Some calls are drug related. Drug related crimes cannot be publicized because most of them are linked to ongoing investigations.

The owner of a $50,000 home would only pay $38.41 per year for this police levy. That is 11 cents per day. Even in hard times, most of us waste that much money on something we really don't need. This seems like a small price to pay for 24-hour police protection.

Charlotte Basnett Buckeye Lake

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