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More Letters: Kalish opposes Issue 15 in Baltimore


Issue 15 is asking Baltimore voters to change from a partisan to non-partisan village. Ohio Revised Code 3513.257 already allows an independent candidate to file a nominating petition the day before the primary election and avoid running in a partisan primary. This happened in 1999 when Hugh Schaffner ran for mayor, in 2005 when Ruth Crutcher ran for mayor and in 2005 when Dwayne Mohler and Jim Hochradel ran for council. Issue 15 is not needed.

If Issue 15 is approved, it would allow state, county and city employees who live in Baltimore to become elected officials. Our founding fathers were concerned about a separation of power. Conflicts of interest from employment do exist and that is why these residents cannot hold elected office. I believe village council should be comprised of men and women from the private sector.

I have heard time after time that Baltimore is too small to have a partisan election process. The question you should be asking is whether you want a system where almost 80 percent of the voters might not support a candidate, yet that candidate could win a council seat next year and hold that seat until 2013.

Baltimore residents already have the choice to run as a partisan or as an independent. By retaining the partisan process, political parties have the ability to recruit and attract quality candidates. Please join me on Nov. 4 by voting "No" on Issue 15.

Bob Kalish Baltimore

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