2008-10-18 / Editorials & Letters

Lawsuits cause writer to question Van Buren's fitness


In an election where character is being discussed on the national stage, let us not overlook the character of our local candidates. Mark Van Buren's website states that his priority is to help each and every person in Licking County; however, a quick look at Mr. Van Buren's past will tell a different tale.

After a visit to the Licking County Clerk of Courts' website, I discovered dozens of lawsuits in which Mr. Van Buren and/or his company South Forty Homes was named as a defendent. Upon further research, these lawsuits show dishonesty, apathy and overall poor business operation on the part of Mr. Van Buren. After visiting this site, http://www.lcounty.com/clerkofcourts/ frmCourtView.aspx, you might also want to visit the similar sites for Muskingum and Franklin counties where you will find more of the same. Mark Van Buren certainly does not represent what I consider to be good character and if he can't run his own business why would we want him to help run our county. That is why I will be voting for Brad Feightner on November 4.

Amber Favuzzi Newark

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