2008-10-11 / Police Report

Police activity reports

Compiled from selected police activity reports.

Buckeye Lake

• Oct. 2: A Lancaster man reported medication was stolen from his car.

• Oct. 3: An intoxicated man was passed out in the back seat of a parked vehicle. He was not in possession of the keys and police arranged a ride home.

• Oct. 3: Police were called to a civil incident at a Walnut Road residence. The occupants were informed it was a matter for the courts.

• Oct. 4: A barking dog was reported on Seymour Street.

• Oct. 4: A Newark man was arrested for trespassing.

• Oct. 4: A vehicle struck the Albanese IGA sign, then sped away. Heath Police stopped the damaged vehicle. The driver, a Millersport man, was charged with OVI, failure to control, and failure to stop after an accident.

• Oct. 5: Police were called to a possible domestic violence incident at an Elliott Street residence. It was a verbal dispute.

• Oct. 5: A West 7th Street woman said a juvenile was harassing her daughter. All parties were advised and they agreed to leave each other alone.

• Oct. 5: Police assisted the Buckeye Lake Fire Department with a squad run.

• Oct. 5: A Mill Dam Road woman reported a utility box was stolen.

• Oct. 6: A Park Street man said his girlfriend assaulted him. No charges were pressed.

• Oct. 6: A Hebron Road woman reported her daughter's co-worker assaulted her daughter. No charges were pressed.


• Sept. 28; Police were called to a Canal Road apartment about a possible burglary. The caller said a named person kicked in their door.

• Sept. 28: Police on patrol at 6:06 a.m. saw a vehicle parked in Evans Park. Police found a man sleeping in the back seat. He said he was so tired that he pulled over to sleep before he had an accident. He was told the park closed at dark and agreed to move on.

• Sept. 28: Police were given an ATM card that had been left in the Park National Bank ATM.

• Sept. 29: A Hebron Road trailer park resident complained about harassing phone calls from a named person. Police called the person who said the complainant also had threatened to "kick his butt," so he made the same threat. Neither party wanted to press charges. Both were advised.

• Sept. 29: Police watched Ohio 79 for a reported pickup truck being driven recklessly. They didn't see the truck.

• Sept. 29: A Harry & David manager reported that an unknown employee had turned in a small amount of marijuana. It was logged into evidence.

• Sept. 29: Police watched U.S. 40 for a possible impaired driver coming from the Mill Dam Road area. They didn't see the vehicle.

• Sept. 29: Police cited a driver for a traffic light violation at Main and High streets.

• Sept. 29: A grandfather told police that he and his daughter were having problems with her two children arguing and cursing. He wanted police to talk with them. Police did and advised the two that they could face juvenile charges.

• Sept. 30: A Thornville man told police that a civil protection order had been violated the previous evening at Evans Park. He said he didn't call police about the presence of his ex-wife because he didn't want his 6-year-old son who was playing in a game to see his mother get arrested.

• Sept. 30: Police took a report of broken windows at a North 9th Street building.

• Oct. 1: Police were called about an unsecured child riding in a vehicle on Ohio 79. They were unable to locate the vehicle.

• Oct. 1: Police were called about a family dispute on North 8th Street. They found several people yelling at each other and a male with a small cut on his head. The man didn't want the squad to check him out. He said his son threw a phone at him. He told police that his son and ex-wife recently returned to Ohio. He had brought his daughters who live with him to see their mother and he wanted to pick up a vehicle registered in his name. The argument broke out over the vehicle.

• Oct. 1: Police checked out several suspicious males hanging out in the Kroger parking lot at 8:28 p.m.

• Oct. 2: Police were called about a loud party at 1:40 a.m. around a fire pit at a Canal Road apartment. They were told to shut it down for the night.


• Sept. 30: Police received a report about the discovery of a person's personal information in a Lancaster Street business' trash container. Police discovered that the person had moved to Florida.

• Oct. 1: Police searched the north end of town after receiving a report of a domestic violence incident in the area. Bystanders told police that the parties involved had left the area.

• Oct. 2: Police followed up with several residents and non-residents who had written bad checks to local businesses. The check writers were told they would face criminal charges if the checks aren't made good. Police also suggested to several business owners that they refuse to take checks since ATMs are nearby and most everyone has a bank card.

• Oct. 2: Police talked to a juvenile on Chautauqua Boulevard about the danger of pointing a laser pointer at other people.

• Oct. 2: Police checked out a suspicious vehicle with two males in it. They checked out OK.

• Oct. 2: Police warned a driver for a moving violation.

• Oct. 3: Police assisted a motorist at Chautauqua Boulevard and 6th Avenue who had locked his keys in his vehicle. Entry was gained.

• Oct. 3: Police warned three separate drivers about excessive speed on Lancaster Street at Lynn Avenue.

• Oct. 6-7: Chief Lewis attended the Ohio Attorney General's

this week Law Enforcement Conference in Columbus and attended classes for Police Grant Writing, Public Records Laws, Officer Certification Requirements, Employee Rights and Explosives Recognition for First Responders.

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