2008-09-20 / Editorials & Letters

Writer defends school bus passengers


As a parent and school employee, I am offended by Buckeye Lake councilwoman, Donna Thompson's comments in the Sept. 13 Beacon.

Ms. Thompson is quoted saying, "If you think that's bad, get on a school bus and listen to them". If I were to venture a guess, I bet the last time you were on a school bus, Ms. Thompson, was when you were a student yourself?

Had you been on a school bus recently you would have seen that there are many polite, bright and wonderful young people, driven by caring and very capable men and women. Are there incidents on a bus that are not expected from time to time? Yes, but no more so than you would find in a confined space with a bunch of adults.

I am sorry that there are problems with parking and language at the village's skate park. As for a remedy, I have none. But remember, children learn from example and are only products of their environment. Try setting an example yourself by not stereotyping our youth. I sure you wouldn't want to be put in a category for "a driver that can't see traffic lights," would you?

Janet Robberts Licking Township

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