2008-09-20 / Editorials & Letters

Not everyone is a 'watchdog' fan

To The Editor:

I am a great admirer of the Buckeye Lake Beacon. In particular its coverage of local government and its open "Letters to the Editor" policy.

However, I feel that Ms. Bonnie Mansfield frequently violates the spirit of your stated policy of preferring letters of 250 words or less. Her last mindless rant, consisting mostly of recriminations and ad hominem attacks, "Watchdog digs up a lot of mismanagement" is a case in point. It is not enough that she bad mouths every public official in Kirkersville but the article is filled with self congratulatory self-references to previous rants she has inflicted on us.

I wouldn't want to muzzle Ms. Mansfield's benighted attempts at political reporting, but I feel allowing her to inflict over 700 words worth of this tripe on your readers is wretched excess.

Sean Ahern Harbor Hills

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