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'Watchdog' corrects one report on selection of police chief


According to public records, it took the Kirkersville Zoning Inspector, GOB (Good Ole' Boy) Tom Fredericks, 2 1.2 hours to write a letter and "did the Planning Commission minutes." It apparently is necessary to check the "amusement devices" at the local bar on a regular basis as well as attending council meetings which, I believe, could ALL be handled by the Zoning Chairman, GOB Mike Cloud, and would cost the village nothing!

It looks like the hiring of the new Fiscal Clerk may actually save the village some money. The assistant to the clerk (who gets $20+ per hour) won't be needed and the Computer Jerk, Bill Harper (who gets $30 per hour and likes to argue parliamentary procedure WITH THE TEACHER) won't be needed!

A Newark news reporter ran a story last week without doing his homework. Part of his story read like this: Kirkersville Village Council President Bennie Evans said council reached a 3-3 standoff in a confirmation vote during a meeting Sept. 3. "We have to take a reject and put him as our police chief," Evans, who was one of the 'no' votes, said Thursday. "It doesn't make us look better than in the past."

Those of us who were at that meeting know the truth…that it was actually Bennie Evans who motioned to hire Petrey. Here's how I think the story SHOULD have read:

Kirkersville GOB President Bennie Evans made a motion to hire Petrey as the new police chief but wanted him to quit his job at Buckeye Lake. Evans' motion passed but another council member motioned to remove the stipulation that Petrey resign his position at Buckeye Lake. It was on this motion that council reached a 3-3 standoff in a confirmation vote.

Evans stated that it "doesn't make us look better than in the past." But, for the past seven years, it was actually Evans who recommended hiring the previous police chiefs...four of them! They included officers who were caught double-dipping; ordering credit cards without council's consent; using gasoline when no one is on duty; harassing citizens; and one chief was caught with his pants down, literally.

Evans, a "reject" that was voted out of office, finagled his way onto a council seat at the end of December, 2007 while he was still the mayor.

It should be clear to anyone who attended that September 3rd meeting, and then read the quotes in the local paper, that Bennie Evans was deceitful, to say the least. Why did Evans motion to hire Petrey if he thought he should "absolutely not" be considered? How can you trust that ANYTHING Evans says in a public meeting isn't going to be twisted behind your back?!

Be more concerned about what people say behind your back than what they say to your face, especially a politician!

Bonnie Mansfield Buckeye Lake

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