2008-09-06 / Police Report

Police activity reports

Compiled from selected police activity reports.


• July 6: Police assisted a motorist locked out of a vehicle at Johnson Park.

• July 7: Police assisted a motorist locked out of a vehicle on West Market Street.

• July 8: A Washington Street resident reported hearing a gunshot in the Ohio 256 area. Police didn't see anyone in the area.

• July 8: Police checked out a suspicious vehicle at the Dollar General store. During a consent search, police confiscated some beer. The subjects were told to move along.

• July 8: A caller reported seeing a driver getting gas at the Citgo station when the store appeared to be closed. Police tried to get gas and got 8¢ worth. Pumps appeared to be shut down.

• July 9: A Hansbarger Avenue resident said her ex-boyfriend has been calling her non-stop at home and work. Police took a report.

• July 10: Police responded to an alarm drop at a Kellner Avenue apartment. It checked secure.

• July 10: Police were called about two juveniles lighting fireworks and catching a brush pile on fire. The fire was out when police arrived and on juveniles were in the area.

Buckeye Lake

• Aug. 8: A Newark woman reported being assaulted by another woman at her boyfriend's Buckeye Lake residence.

• Aug. 21: Police received a report of a man trying to break into a house. The man owned the house, but locked himself out of it.

• Aug. 25: A Walnut Road woman reported a juvenile made threats toward her son.

• Aug. 24: A Stewart Street man said a Belleville man wouldn't return his prize dog, per a pre-arranged contract.

• Aug. 23: Police assisted park officers with a BAC test.

• Aug. 23: Police assisted the Fairfield County Sheriff's Office with a call at Cuda Jo's in Fairfield Beach.

• Aug. 23: A Walnut Road woman said her neighbors were trespassing on her property.

• Aug. 23: Police assisted Fairfield County Sheriff's Office on a report of shots fired in Fairfield Beach.

• Aug. 23: A woman told a Buckeye Lake officer her husband was having trouble breathing. A squad was called.

• Aug. 27: Two dogs were reported as running loose. They were recovered.

• Aug. 27: Police assisted Millersport Police locate a car that ran from a traffic stop. The car was found abandoned.

• Aug. 28: A Lee's Chicken employee reported a breaking and entering. About $30 in change was missing.

• Aug. 28: Police advised intoxicated guests to leave the Super 8 Hotel after they were caught dialing a false 9-1-1 call.

• Aug. 31: A Walnut Road couple said two juvenile females smeared ketchup and other condim ents on their car.

• Aug. 31: Police assisted the Fairfield County Sheriff's Office with an incident of child abduction by an intoxicated relative. The call was cancelled en route.

• Aug. 31: The Licking County Sheriff's Office asked police to deliver an emergency message to a family.

• Aug. 31: A Myers Avenue woman said her daughter's estranged husband was hassling her daughter.

• Aug. 31: A Walnut Road man's daughter said someone drove toward her in a threatening manner, then threatened her with a baseball bat.

• Sept. 1: A Rosebraugh Circle man claimed his neighbor threw a beer bottle at him. The neighbor and another neighbor denied the incident.

• Sept. 1: A Walnut Road woman reported her car was vandalized.

• Sept. 1: A Newark man was cited for having an open container of alcohol in public.

• Sept. 1: Two more people were charged with open container violations.

• Sept. 2: A Pataskala woman was charged with public intoxication in Buckeye Lake Village.

• Sept. 2: A Catfish Charley's employee reported seven cases of beer stolen.


• August 1: A Hebron woman told police that she had been threatened at the Speedway station. The incident was turned over to the Licking County Sheriff's Office since it was outside the village limits.

• August 1: Police were called to the Kroger store at 3:54 a.m. about two suspicious people hanging around two semi-trucks in the parking lot. An employee said a customer reported it, noting that the trucks were backed up to each other. The employee said the men told him they were watching the trucks while the drivers were sleeping in the Best Western. Police spoke to the men and learned they were off-duty New York City Police officers working security on two truckloads of wine headed to a Sotheby's auction in New York City. They told police that the Best Western clerk told them it was OK to park in the Kroger lot. A Kroger manager said it was OK for the trucks to remain on the lot.

• August 1: An East Main Street resident flagged down police at 5:05 a.m. reporting an unusual light on in a garage behind the coin laundry. Police checked the building and found it secure.

• August 1: A Christopher Court resident told police her uncle was leaving threatening messages about her father. She said her uncle is bing prosecuted in northeastern Ohio for allegedly stealing her father's identity. A copy of the report was sent to the police department handling the theft case and the uncle was told to stop calling or face charges.

• August 1: Police made a traffic stop on Ohio 79 at U.S. 40 and cited the driver for travelling 65 mph in a 50 mph zone.

• August 2: Police assisted the Ohio State Highway Patrol with a BAC test.

• August 2: Police made a traffic stop on Ohio 79 at U.S. 40 and cited the driver for travelling 65 mph in a 50 mph zone.

• August 2: Police were called about a possible intoxicated driver about to leave the Duke station. Police saw the vehicle on North High Street and followed it to McDonald's. Police said the driver was acting strange, but were unable to complete a field sobriety test due to her condition. She was arrested for OVI. She allegedly told police she had some cocaine and a pipe in her vehicle. A Heath Police Department drug dog alerted to her vehicle and police found some cocaine and a pipe. She was first taken to the hospital for a medical check, then taken to jail. She was also charged with drug and paraphernalia possession.

• August 3: Police assisted the Ohio State Highway Patrol with a BAC test.

• August 3: A South 6th Street apartment resident complained about harassing phone calls from a named person. That person was advised to stop calling.

• August 3: Police responded for the Licking County Sheriff's Of fice to an alarm drop at Composix. Everything was OK.

• August 3: Police were called to Broadway Street on a report of a small child that had ran out in front of a vehicle. Police advised the child's mother.

• August 3: Police assisted Buckeye Lake Police on a report of an assault.

• August 3: Police assisted Buckeye Lake Police on a possible suicide attempt. The subject said she wasn't trying to hurt herself, but agreed to go to the hospital for evaluation.

• August 3: Police were called about a male driver speeding in the Kroger parking lot. Police learned that the driver blew out a tire turning into a parking space and then got in another vehicle and the left. Police left the scene for another call, but returned later to find someone changing the tire. Police advised the person about speeding and a Kroger manager banned him from the property.

• August 3: Police were called about an intoxicated person trying to start fights at the Canal Road apartments. Police found the man next door to this apartment. He was advised to go home and go to sleep.

• August 4: Police cited a driver for a stop sign violation at West 2nd and West Cumberland streets.

• August 4: An East Main Street resident complained about an ex-friend calling her twice. The former friend was advised to stop calling her.

• August 4: A village employee reported that a woman drove her vehicle in front of his truck as he was spraying for mosquitoes. She yelled at him that the spray is hurting her and her family. He gave police a tag number, but it match his description of the vehicle. Police checked the area for the vehicle, but didn't see it.


• August 25: Police assisted the Fairfield County Sheriff's Office with an argument on Sunset View Drive.

• August 26: Police were on hand to observe the first fire drill of the school year at Millersport High School. The drill went as planned.

• August 26: Police monitored speed in the school zone during the elementary school dismissal time.

• August 27: Police participated in the Sweet Corn Festival parade.

• August 27: Police took a report on an accident on Chautauqua Boulevard. One driver was cited from improper backing.

• August 27: Three juveniles in a small white Pontiac nearly struck an officer when they failed to stop for the stop sign at East Park and Lancaster streets. Police attempted to stop the vehicle, but the driver fled the scene. Police pursued the vehicle to Ohio 360 and North Bank Road where the occupants fled on foot. Police learned minutes later that the vehicle had been stolen from a 6th Avenue home. The vehicle was turned to its owner and police completed a stolen/recovered vehicle report.

• August 28: Police were called to a Lynn Avenue apartment on the report of a theft of a car stereo. The vehicle had been left unlocked.

• August 28: Police issued a warning for a traffic violation on Lancaster Street at Lynn Avenue.

• August 29: Police issued five warnings for traffic violations in area of Lancaster Street and Chautauqua Boulevard.

• August 30: One driver was cited for a traffic violation and two others were warned for excessive speed.

August 27-30: Police worked extra patrol duties during the Sweet Corn Festival. Chief Lewis, Sergeant Shirk, Ptl. Gentzel and Ptl. Consolo put in many hours to make the town safe for all to enjoy the festival.


• July 19: A Thornville man was cited for a traffic signal violation in downtown.

• July 23: Police responded to an unknown emergency on Foster Manor. Upon arrival, police found a suicidal female. She was transported for evaluation.

• July 24: A driver was cited for exceeding the speed limit by 17 mph.

• July 25: A driver was cited for failing to maintain a lane, causing a traffic hazard.

• July 25: Police responded to a report of power lines on fire on West Columbus Street. Police blocked the road and moments later the lines fell into the roadway. Police stood by until the lines were removed.

• July 25: Police warned three separate drivers for speeding, traffic signal and lane use violations.

• July 26: Two drivers were warned respectively for a traffic control device violation and failure to display a license plate.

• July 26: A driver was cited for going 43 mph in a 25 mph zone on North Main Street.

• July 26: A juvenile driver was cited for not wearing a seat belt and warned for multiple other infractions.

• July 26: A driver was cited for a traffic control device violation in downtown.

• July 26: A driver was cited for exceeding the speed limit by 18 mph.

• July 27: A driver was cited for a traffic control device violation in downtown.

• July 27: Police opened an identity theft investigation after a resident reported that another person was using their Social Security number.

• July 27: Police were dispatched to Heron Bay on a report of a burglary in progress. Police arrived in minutes but the suspect had fled. The complainants told police that the man was drunk and had scaled the side of the home before fleeing.

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