2008-08-23 / Police Report

Police activity reports

Compiled from selected police activity reports.

Buckeye Lake

• Aug. 9: A Leroy Street woman reported a breaking and entering. Several items were missing.

• Aug. 11: A Union Avenue man and a pregnant Hebron woman were both charged with assault after a verbal dispute became physical.

• Aug. 13: Police were told that a man in a dark Ford pick-up with orange stripes threw four small kittens from the vehicle while it was moving, then sped away. The officer knew who owned the vehicle and paid the man a visit. The man admitted to trapping neighborhood cats, but said he didn't throw any from a truck window. The man said he takes the cats he traps to the pound or gives them to farmers to help with mice. The officer noted there was a report filed Aug. 9 with the Licking County Sheriff's Department concerning the man dumping and mistreating cats.

In a related matter, a Walnut Road woman reported the man was cussing and screaming at her over an issue involving cats. Aug. 19, the man was alledgedly jumped and assaulted by the woman's grandson, who was irate that his grandmother was being called names. The previous day, an Anchors Way resident reported someone was poisoning cats with a mixture of tuna and rat poison.

• Aug. 14: Juveniles were reported playing with a bow and arrow. Their parents were advised.

• Aug. 14: Police responded to an alarm drop at Scooter's Bar. Alarm was activated accidentally.

• Aug. 15: A West 7th Street man reported someone broke into his home and stole $93. The man thought he knew who did it.

• Aug. 16: An officer was called to Renner Street to settle a dispute between neighbors.

• Aug. 16: Juveniles were asked to leave Ryan Park.

• Aug. 17: Police received a report of a disturbance at Ryan Park. Two adults were there to retrieve a juvenile's belongings.

• Aug. 17: Police assisted the Fairfield County Sheriff's Office with a report of shots fired near Fairfield Beach.

• Aug. 17: Police assisted the Buckeye Lake park officers with a BAC test for an intoxicated boater.

• Aug. 17: Police responded to a possible domestic violence incident at a Walnut Road residence. It was only a verbal dispute.

• Aug. 19: A Walnut Road woman said her estranged husband would not return their daughter to her.

• Aug. 19: An employee at the Moundbuilders Guidance Center told police that a Buckeye Lake resident with mental issues was in possession of firearms. Police confiscated the firearms.


• Aug. 12: Police advised a parking violator on Cherry Alley.

• Aug. 12: Police were dispatched to a report of a theft at

• Aug. 15: Police assisted Thornville Police with a traffic stop that involved the discovery of drugs and drug paraphernalia.

• Aug. 15: Police assisted a park officer with an underage drinking and license suspension incident.

• Aug. 15: Police assisted the Fairfield County Sheriff's Office with a suspicious vehicle check at the storage units.

• Aug. 15: Police warned a driver for a traffic violation on Refugee Street.

• Aug. 16: Police cited an unlicensed driver at Lancaster Street and Lynn Avenue.

• Aug. 16: Police cited a motorist for driving under suspension. The vehicle was impounded.


• July 5: Police took a report of vandalism. The parent of the suspects told police they will repair the damage.

Thornville cont.

• July 5: Police were dispatched to Thornport on a report of a man in camo wearing a ski mask and carrying a rifle. Police were advised the person was playing paintball.

• July 5: Police cited a motorist for going 47 mph in a residential area on East Columbus Street.

• July 5: Police stopped a driver for an equipment violation on Bruno Road off South Church Street. A passenger had two felony warrants for burglary, theft, receiving stolen property out of Fayette and Franklin counties. He was arrested and taken to jail.

• July 5: Police took a report of vandalism to a bench at the Urban Farmhouse at occurred during the Thorn Dunker.

• July 6: Police took a report on a theft from Grace Lutheran Church. After investigating, police determined that it was not a theft.

• July 6: Police responded to a complaint about parking at Thornville United Methodist Church. Church members handled the matter.

• July 8: Police were advised of a possible burglary at the assisted living center on Zion Road north of the village. After advising the Perry County Sheriff's Office, police were asked to check it out. Everything was OK.

• July 8: Police assisted a driver locked out of a vehicle at the school parking lot. Entry was gained.

• July 9: Police stopped a semi-truck that was backing up a hill on a curve on East Columbus Street. Police smelled alcohol on the driver's breath and cited him for a marked lanes violation.

• July 9: A New Lexington woman was cited for travelling 17 mph over the speed limit.

• July 11: A Columbus man was cited for going 19 mph over the speed limit.

• July 11: A Newark man was cited for travelling 15 mph over the speed limit.

• July 11: A Canal Winchester man was cited for travelling 50 mph in a 35 mph zone on South Main Street near South Street.

• July 11: Police were dispatched to 11888 Honeycreek Road on an alarm drop with an intruder on site. Police could not locate the home. Police later learned that the address was 11188 Honeycreek Road.

• July 11: Police on patrol noticed a suspicious vehicle behind Coop's Corner. Police discovered two open containers of alcohol in plain view and the female driver was found in the parking lot with no license and alcohol on her breath. A records check found a felony warrant for her out of Fairfield County for receiving stolen property. She was arrested and taken to New Salem where she was turned over to the Fairfield County Sheriff's Office.

• July 12: Police were dispatched to an alarm drop at a Boundaries Road home with reports of open doors and a male on the scene. Police discovered that a family member had accidentally tripped the alarm.

• July 12: Police cited a Columbus motorcycle rider for going 18 mph over the speed limit and failure to have a motorcycle endorsement on his license.

• July 12: A Marysville woman was cited for travelling 15 mph over the speed limit.

• July 13: A Pataskala man was cited for travelling 51 mph in a 35 mph zone on East Columbus Street near Arlington Avenue.

• July 13: Police assisted two motorists on Ohio 13 after the clutch failed on their pickup truck.

• July 13: Police cited a Columbus man for failure to approach a public safety vehicle with caution after he passed police at 64 mph on Ohio 13.

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