2008-08-09 / Editorials & Letters

'In the USA, we still have the best life'

Editor: Lady Liberty Lady Liberty is in real trouble, She needs help on the double. She a tear in her eye, Afraid her flame will die. Industries we are losing, Not by her choosing. Life here is tough, Finding jobs are rough. It's hard living one's life, Especially for a husband and a wife. Just making ends meet, Certainly is no treat. Gas prices are so high, People want to cry. Banks are closing, While politicians are dozing. Citizens are as poor as a field mouse, Everyone is afraid of losing his house. We are in a recession, To some it feels like a depression. It seems as though hard times will never pass, But our times will not last. Stand tall, dust off the old red, white and blue, Let it fly proud and true. We must hold our head high, As we watch our flag fly. Remember that with our troubles and strife, In the USA, we still have the best life. Linda Warner Buckeye Lake

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