2008-08-02 / Editorials & Letters

Wells amazed at the arrogance of some public officials


The arrogance of some public officials never ceases to amaze me.

According to The Beacon coverage of the July 22 Union Township Trustees meeting, the trustees apologized to a resident about a poor chip and seal job on a cul-de-sac, but was not at all apologetic about a pregnant woman and her two-year-old getting sprayed with pesticide from a township vehicle!

Instead, Trustee Jack Justice asked, "Didn't you see the truck coming?" How would Justice feel if it were his daughter and grandson that were sprayed directly with pesticide from a vehicle coming down a very narrow street in the early evening?

What if the pregnant woman or the child would have had an allergic reaction and required immediate medical attention? The driver couldn't even identify what chemical he was using! Nor was he licensed to apply the chemicals. And what about the "young passenger" in the township vehicle while the chemicals were being applied?

According to The Beacon report, Justice said there's no policy against passengers. Well, maybe there should be - especially if they're minors! What ever happened to common sense? Does Union Township need a common sense policy?

When the village used to hire a commercial contractor to do mosquito spraying, a street department employee rode along to guide him through the village and he wore a mask to protect himself from the fumes.

When the village took care of the mosquito spraying, it was done around 11:30 p.m. Since Union Township has been doing it, the village gets sprayed in the early evening often starting around dinner time which makes no sense. Many residents grill out or are still doing yard work. Justice said, "Most people know when the sprayer is coming and close their windows." Right Jack, in an instant we have to run like a rabbit, maybe cover our food on the deck, close our windows and take shelter. What happened to public notices in the newspaper and regular start times?

Thanks to the efforts and concerns of Bonnie Mansfield and The Beacon, the Ohio Department of Agriculture was called to review the Union Township's procedures. It's unfortunate that it takes a state agency to oversee and correct the actions of our local government. It's also unfortunate that three grown men cannot apologize to a pregnant woman and a two-year-old about risking their health, yet they can readily apologize to a male resident about some pavement. Peggy Wells Buckeye Lake

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