2008-07-26 / Editorials & Letters

Writer organizes petition drive on state park golf cart ban


I would like to first thank the 230 people that signed the petition concerning the ban of golf carts at Fairfield Beach State Park. I'ts nice to know that with so many of our liberties these days bieng whittled away by lawmakers that there are still those that are willing to ban together and take a stand.

The petition is being sent to ODNR Director Sean Logan and requests that we be allowed to continue to enjoy the park as we have in the past. We're including photographs that show how motor vehicles that were allowed on the park grounds on July 3 damaged the grounds. At the same time, golf carts were banned. Which one would do more damage - golf carts or automobiles, HMMMM! I encourage everyone to contact ODNR Director Sean Logan via the ODNR website (www.ohiodnr.com) or by calling the director's office at (614) 265-6879.

This is not over yet. I will post all responses I receive and keep the public aware of what is to come in the future. KEEP READING!!! This is only the beginning. The Mathis Family Fairfield Beach

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