2008-07-19 / News

Vandals frustrate Custers Point Road residents

By Scott Rawdon

THORNVILLE- Custers Point Road residents aren't even bothering to replace their mailboxes; they're renting Post Office boxes, said Wanda Huffer. She and most of her Custers Point neighbors have experienced a rash of vandalism during the last few years, which is getting worse. Tuesday night, lamps on the gate leading to the Huffer home were shot to pieces and a mailbox at the end of a driveway leading to their horse barn was flattened.

Wanda's husband, Charles, said the lamps may cost more than $600 to replace - assuming they're still in production- and he's about given up on replacing the mailbox. But, he doesn't feel like the vandals are singling him out.

"This is not just local," said Charles Huffer, who added that one of his neighbors has called the Fairfield County Sheriff's Department 20 times to report vandalism. He believes the violence occurs between 10 p.m. and 1 a.m. In addition to the destruction, he said people are driving various vehicles up and down narrow Custers Point Road at "80 miles per hour" during the night.

Wanda Huffer said there have been several incidents of theft in the area as well.

Charles Huffer believes that part of the problem is the courts (the juvenile courts in particular) are too lenient on the vandals when caught. "The judge just gives them a slap on the wrist and sends them on their way," he said. Huffer proposed that all his neighbors work together to watch for potential vandals before they strike. The best case scenario, he said, is to catch them in the act so there's proof of exactly who's committing the crimes and when.

Lt. Tim Voris of the Fairfield County Sheriff's Department said Wednesday that patrols are being increased in the Custers Point Road vicinity for improved visibility and deputies are currently following up on reports of vandalism.

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