2008-07-19 / Editorials & Letters

Writer says golf cart ban caused by the actions of a few


After being in the golf car business for many years I feel compelled to comment on the current situation at the state park in Fairfield Beach. Once again I see a large number of people affected by the actions of the few. If cart owners abide by the laws set forth and do not create a danger, what is the problem? I'll answer with my own opinion.

Golf carts, lawn mowers, or any other mode of transportation can not be operated on our streets if you are under the influence! I have nothing against drinking, but it will cause a lot of problems for the individual(s) and others affected by the outcome if you get caught. Also, in my opinion, children should not be allowed to roam the streets unattended, especially on a motorized vehicle. Fairfield Beach has a nice, quiet atmosphere, developed by responsible individuals who have spent many years helping to make it what it is. Now here comes a younger generation, with a party time attitude on the weekend, who do not realize the destruction they are creating.

In closing, I question Ohio State Parks regarding the banning of golf carts in this area. If they do it here then what about parks such as Salt Fork? Oh, by the way, Salt Fork has a State-operated golf course, hmmm. Jim Lusk Thornville

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