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Trustees approve 14 road resurfacing projects

By Charles Prince

JACKSONTOWN - Licking Township Trustees unanimously agreed Monday night to spend $256,110.37 on 14 township road resurfacing projects.

Increasing oil prices, which affect asphalt prices, prompted trustees to put out one bid package, rather than following the recent practice of doing resurfacing in two stages during the summer and late summer. Estimates this spring were based on asphalt at $61 per ton. By Monday night's bid opening, asphalt is up to $69 per ton.

The Shelly Company of Thornville was the only bidder. Small's Asphalt Paving of Gambier didn't bid because they couldn't schedule the work until September/October. Shelly expects to do the work between August 18 and October 15.

Trustees sent out a detailed request for bids, listing road widths and lengths along with estimated quantities of materials. Two options were listed for Kindle Road - motorpave (cold mix paving) or two inches of hot mix asphalt. Hot mix represents a nearly $22,000 premium, but trustees opted to pay it to get a more durable road.

"Hot mix will hold up better over the long period," Trustee Dave Miller explained. Road supervisor Steve Patterson also recommended using hot mix.

Trustee President Joe Hart asked Fiscal Officer Jill Linn to total resurfacing expenses for the last three years. Trustees spent $204,727 in 2007, $203,507 in 2006 and $129,570 in 2005. Linn assured Hart that they could spend $256,000 this year.

Resurfacing projects, with Shelly's estimate, follow:

• Westview Place - 1,500 ft. of 2" hot mix asphalt - $23,202

• Miller Avenue - 553 ft. of 2" hot mix asphalt - $4,251

• Zanesville Avenue - 1,000 ft. of double chip & seal - $4,002

• Lancaster Avenue - 800 ft. of double chip & seal - $3,064

• Rosemary Road - 931 ft. of 2" hot mix asphalt - $13,587

• Licking Trails north (from White Chapel to north) - 2,070 ft. of motorpave - $20,616

• Licking Trails south (previous motor mix job to White Chapel) -1,265 ft. of motorpave - $5,528

• Licking Trails (from Davis to previous motor mix) - 1,795 ft. of motorpave - $17,867.72

• Licking Trails (from I-70 bridge north to mailbox) - 528 ft. of motorpave - $5,229

• Licking Trails (from gate at house 9568 to US 40) - 924 ft. of motorpave - $9,208

• Licking Trails (I-70 to US 40) - 3,798 ft. of chip & seal - $9,841

• Wilshire Drive - 2,020 ft. of 2" hot mix asphalt - $26,058

• Kindle Road - 3,960 ft. of 2" hot mix asphalt - $61,314

• Roley Hills - 4,830 ft. of motorpave on bad spots and 8,980 ft. (entire length) chip & seal - $52,344

In other business Monday night, Patterson told trustees it is time to order cinders. Cinders from the Conesville power plant cost about $10 per ton which is primarily for transportation. Cinders are then mixed with road salt which costs about $60 per ton delivered this year. Trustees told Patterson he could order 200 tons.

Richard Cash asked about crack filling at Misty Meadows. Miller said Extreme Paving of Hebron submitted a bid of $2,100 using a cold mix seal after the cracks are filled with sand. Cash said cold mix likely won't last the winter. Miller will explore some other options.

Denise Delagrange, an Avondale resident and member of the township zoning commission, brought up the Capt. Woody's parking issue. She emphasized that she was speaking as a resident, not as a member of the zoning commission.

Delagrange said noise and vandalism are still major problems. She submitted a detailed letter to trustees, urging them to consider these concerns when trustees make a decision on whether Capt. Woody's can continue to use a vacant lot for parking.

"I can't see how that negatively affects you," Hart said. Delagrange said she was speaking on behalf of neighbors in general. Hart said use of the vacant lot is keeping vehicles out of The Woods subdivision and off county and township roads.

Trustees are still waiting for a statement on the issue from the zoning commission. Trustees could draft a resolution that allows commercial parking in a residential area as a conditional use. Hart said whatever they do must be done consistently across the township. Commercial parking in residential areas occurs daily at Dawes and frequently throughout the township.

Hart suggested if Delagrange and her neighbors want to get rid of Captain Woody's, they can try to "dry it up" by putting it on the ballot. "You can present it to the voters in the precinct," he explained.

Delagrange said noise from the bands is no longer an issue. The problem is bar patrons walking through the neighborhood to get to their vehicles.

Marshall Eubanks, a Harbor Hills resident and another member of the zoning commission, complained about the old trolley cars on the abandoned railroad track just east of Lancer Drive. He said county records show the property is owned by the Evans Foundation.

There are questions about who actually owns the old trolley cars. Trustee Joe Cooper will discuss the issue with a Foundation representative. Eubanks also wants the adjacent property owner to clean up his property.

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