2008-07-12 / Editorials & Letters

Tory urged to 'stand strong'


To Tory Wolfe - don't dismay! There have always been those who KNOW HOW TO DO EVERYTHING, BUT DO VERY LITTLE.

They will criticize and find fault but have no idea what it takes to pull off a grand endeavor such as the FIREWORKS ON THE LAKE.

My suggestion to you, Tory, is to pay no attention and just ignore them. Their criticism does not deserve your consideration.

I know it can be discouraging and disheartening, but you can always expect to hear from those who talk a lot but do little.

Stand strong in the knowledge that you have accomplished a real feat which 99% of the residents appreciate. Didn't you hear the applause and cheering at the end of the display? Let that sound remain in your memory as you plan for next year. Bert Severance Retired Superintendent, Northern Local School District Millersport

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