2008-07-12 / Editorials & Letters

Two more Letters: 'Watchdog' discovers Outville Road police show


During the July Kirkersville Council meeting, council member GOB (Good Ole Boy) Bennie Evans tried to act as though he was concerned that the village would have a liability situation by placing speed bumps in South Alley. I thought this was hilarious since Evans, as former mayor, allowed auxiliary police officers to work without insurance; he allowed officers to carry guns and work the streets who were not BY LAW certified to carry guns; and he allowed at least one officer to be working on the streets of Kirkersville who was not even commissioned to be a police officer! I think his interest in stirring up trouble over the speed bumps is directed toward getting back at someone who speaks her mind about the behavior of certain government officials!

One day last week, I received a letter stating that a Kirkersville Kop was stopping vehicles on Outville Road by walking out into the street with his hand in the air! This letter also stated that this person watched ELEVEN vehicles being stopped in this manner. Also according to the letter, the cruiser was parked in the "driveway of residents of the house on the northwest corner; they were all laughing and watching the show as car after car was stopped. The officer would walk up into their yard and they would talk between stops." After speaking to some of the local residents, I found that the driveway indicated is at the residence of a member of the Kirkersville Zoning Commission! Yep…..a GOB! The author of the letter says that they believe this 'embarrassment' happens every Sunday night and includes that the officer has a BULLHORN!

Although this person did not name the officer involved, there's a 50/50 chance that it's one of the only two officers left! Officer Doug Hoover resigned as a Kirkersville police officer stating that he was doing so for 'personal reasons.' Mr. Hoover was the officer who shot an ex-employee of a strip club in Columbus where he was working as a security guard. That leaves the village with two police officers - Interim Chief Chris Martin and Officer Matt Senchhoum.

Village Solicitor Debbie Kenney has stated that the attorney general's office wrote her, saying they would not give her an opinion on whether or not Bennie Evans can sit in the council seat vacated by Bobbi Miller. I still find this interesting since the attorney general's office sent me a letter stating that they couldn't give me an opinion but they could help me to understand the law. Their understanding of the law is that Ms. Miller's council seat wasn't vacant until midnight on December 31 and, therefore, that seat couldn't be filled until then. Council has 30 days, from the time of the vacancy, to fillthe seat. After 30 days, the mayor appoints the person to fill the seat. I asked for a copy of the letter that Ms. Kenney received from the Attorney General but the Village Clerk says that he did not receive the letter. Ms. Kenney says she gave him the only letter she had. She might be the only attorney I have ever heard of that doesn't keep copies of important documents.

During the past couple of meetings, the computer jerk, Bill Harper, has been taking pictures of private citizens in council chambers. GOB Harper was part of an administration that created a rule that anyone wanting to video tape or audio tape the meeting had to sit in the northwest corner of the council room behind the seating. I told Harper that he should be in the corner taking pictures and he informed me that was only for RECORDING. I told Mr. Harper that he has just created a new ballgame! I bet he wouldn't like for someone to sit behind him taking his picture!

On a different note, I wish to thank Victoria Wolfe from the bottom of MY heart for the spectacular fireworks show that would never have happened without her! I also want to thank my neighbors on Anchors Way for their behavior during the show. There were many people on my street by the lake ready to watch the show and some were drinking alcohol. We had two small children with us and I was a little nervous at what the children might see or hear before the show started. But everyone was on their best behavior. There was no foul language and no behavior that couldn't be seen by an innocent child. I was so impressed and in awe of this wonderful display of fireworks and neighborly respect. I will be giving my full support and making a donation to BLASST and I hope they accept my apology for needing to be reminded to do so. Thank you, Tory, for the letter in last week's Beacon. It was very much needed! Bonnie Mansfield Buckeye Lake

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