2008-07-12 / Editorials & Letters

Gene gives thanks


I want to thank everyone who supported my fundraising dinner. Thanks to the entire crew at the Lakeside Restaurant for all their time and hard work. Thanks to Joe Albanese and Albanese Food Gallery for their help and donations of food and drink. Thanks to Coca Cola, Pepsi and the bread vendors for their donations. Thanks to everyone who made something for the bake sale and to those who purchased the items.

I also want to thank Ron and Donna Small for all their help and support. Thanks to Tom at Buckeye Lake Hardware for being so supportive and for doing a fundraiser for me on his own. He has truly been an inspiration. I also want to thank Capt. Jim Hanzey for checking up on me from time to time.

The entire Buckeye Lake community has touched my heart in ways you'll never know - Thank you! You have helped me more than words can explain. Thank you all for your support, time and hard work! You have all been so kind! Gene Hedrick Buckeye Lake

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