2008-07-12 / Editorials & Letters

Writer urges Tory to ignore the complainers


I would like to respond to the two letters in last week's Beacon. One is the letter from the Gobert- Smith Family and the other was from Victoria Wolfe.

I whole heartedly agree with the Gobert-Smith Family letter, especially, where it says that the complaints of a few "bad apples" does not express the feelings of our entire community and surrounding area. The 1% of those who do not appreciate the tremendous entertainment and enjoyment that the fireworks display brings to everyone from miles around, does not reflect the attitude of the other 99% of us. If a poll was taken you would find that the display would rank in the top 1% of the best happenings of the year at Buckeye Lake.

As for Victoria's letter, I would like to urge her to continue the outstanding service that she provides for hundreds of people, not only from the Buckeye Lake community but from other communities as well. I live on Crane Lake and I can see literally hundreds of people lining up on the walkway and on Picnic Point to watch the outstanding display from near Fairfield Beach. It is probably true that very few people really understand the tremendous amount of work and effort that is put forth all year so that they can see this great annual spectacle.

However, I hope that this letter, the letter from the Gobert-Smith Family, and Victoria's article will bring that to everyone's attention and let them appreciate what she has done for many years with no compensation for herself. As far as those who complain about moving the launch site to where it is now, they are totally WRONG. When the site was at the other end of the lake, the only way you could get a good view of the fireworks was to either, have a boat, which everyone does not have, or to trespass on other people's property. Now with the site near Fairfield beach, EVERYONE can get a ring-side seat to the outstanding display. I see families with small children as well as hundreds of adults lining up along the walk anticipating the extremely outstanding display of fireworks.

If the complainers would go there and see the look on the children's faces who would not, otherwise, be able to see it at the other end of the lake, they would have to acquire a different opinion of what the program is doing and the enjoyment that it brings to those kids. As far as the time and date of the display, I hope that everyone now realizes that there are other factors and organizations that dictate this and it is not an arbitrary decision that is made by Victoria.

To Victoria, I urge you to bear in mind that the greatest majority of people fully appreciates your efforts and for you to continue to put on the annual display. Don't let the few complainers persuade you to stop and ruin the whole thing for the rest of the population that has grown to expect the outstanding display every year. You are doing a great job in bringing one of the best entertainments of the year to everyone.

To everyone who enjoys the annual display, please consider donating whatever you can to the program to help defray some of the expense that is borne by Victoria and the very few present donators.

Keep up the good work Victoria. Jim Bartoe Buckeye Lake Village Council Member

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