2008-07-12 / Editorials & Letters

Writer wants Thornville to protect its historical character


We, the many, are ruled by a few in power, and it is our own fault. We vote for them when an election comes around and then stop paying attention until the next election. In the meantime, they are making decisions that affect our lives on a daily basis like how much we pay for our water and sewer services, and what our communities look like.

I would like to address Thornville's gift of the Letherman house. This home was generously donated to the village by Miss Letherman in the early 1980s with the wish that it be used as a community center or a doctor's office. It came with a sum of money to be used to convert it for either purpose.

Our village officials have been renting out this home all this time, but recently decided that we weren't abiding by the will and that it was illegal to rent it. So now it is sitting empty. Council just voted to tear the building down since, in their opinion, it would cost too much to make the necessary changes for it to be useful. There is over $90,000 in the account. I have been through this home and it is beautiful. I have suggested that since council doesn't want to deal with it that they form a citizen's committee to take on the project. They could look for grants and save this lovely home.

I don't understand the skewed logic that Miss Letherman wanted the house to be torn down. If that were her wish, she would only have said, tear the house down. Her wish was for the community to have it to use. I respect that wish; it is too bad that council doesn't. But I am just a peon. My voice means nothing to the council members. They are the all powerful and will do what they please because they can and we let them.

So what is next after the Letherman house comes down???? Has anyone noticed that the old hardware store has been condemned? If someone who cares about the character of Thornville doesn't save it, it too will come down.

I think that most of the residents of this community love Thornville. They have taken pride in their homes and have enjoyed good property values. Once our historic buildings come down what will be left? Where will the pride be? I believe that the property values will plummet. Thornville will become just another run down village with empty lots, empty buildings, and with low property values. It upsets me to even think about it.

Pay attention folks!! Patricia Reinhart Thornville

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