2008-07-05 / News

Renosol settles with Ohio EPA

COLUMBUS - Renosol Corporation has agreed to pay $34,680 to Ohio EPA for not adhering to Ohio's air pollution control regulations at its Hebron facility between 1999 and 2007.

The Saline, Michigan, company manufactures polyurethane seating, head rests, armrests and console cushions for the automotive industry. The Hebron facility uses two storage tanks of toluene diisocyanate (TDI), which is a regulated, toxic substance. Each tank contains more than 62,000 pounds of TDI.

Since Renosol had exceeded the threshold quantity of 10,000 pounds of TDI, the owner/operator was required to submit a risk management plan to Ohio EPA by June 1999 for any unanticipated emissions of TDI into the environment. The purpose of the risk management plan is twofold: 1) to prevent the accidental release of chemicals that pose the greatest risk to the public and the environment and 2) to mitigate the consequences of an accidental release.

Renosol submitted its plan in September 2007 and is now in compliance. A portion of the civil penalty ($27,744) will be paid to Ohio EPA's Risk Management Plan fund. The remaining portion ($6,936) will go to Ohio EPA's Clean Diesel School Bus Fund. This fund helps retrofit school buses with pollution control equipment to reduce particulate emissions from their diesel engines.

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