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Writer urges Tory to hold firm to community tradition


This letter is directed to Ms. Wolfe and the Buckeye Lake community. I felt compelled to write upon reading your open letter re: BLASST in the latest issue of the Beacon.

Whenever my husband and I take guests out on our boat, we head to Buckeye Lake. I have always thoroughly enjoyed educating friends who have never been here before about its rich history.

As a child I have the fondest memories of visiting my great grandfather at the lake, (he was a resident of the village until he passed in the 70's). My great grandfather was a Belgian immigrant and proudly made the lake area his home at a time when immigrants valued and respected the importance of assimilation to American culture and worked hard to create a sense of community in a place that was so far away from their former home.

Sure, I could take my friends to Alum Creek for a day, (as it is much closer to my current home and I could save a fortune in gas money), but I don't because of the fond memories and the nostalgia that thrive here. I find it very sad Ms. Wolfe, to read your words of frustration, anger, and an underlying sense of despair as you reflect on your struggles with keeping this event alive. My heart goes out to you. Shame on those residents who feel otherwise, you obviously do not understand how fortunate you truly are.

In my mind and heart, Buckeye Lake has been the embodiment of everything that the 4th of July holiday stands for and its history speaks volumes to that. It should be the responsibility of every resident to take part in the heritage, history, and all things wonderful that make up this community that we know as Buckeye Lake, not one individual.

So, with this letter I plead with you Ms. Wolfe, to hold firm to the community and tradition that your grandfather was such an integral part of creating and know that there are those of us out there who truly do recognize and appreciate the time, energy, and funding that goes into making such an event a success.

Please do not allow the few bad apples to ruin an event which so many of us hold dear to our hearts, as there will always be bad apples in the bunch. The true reward comes from being able to look past those bad apples and create the best damned apple pie which illustrates what it means to be American and part of a community as grand as Buckeye Lake.

Thank you from the bottom of our hearts, The Gobert-Smith Family

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