2008-07-05 / Editorials & Letters

Cyclist envisions bike/scooter path around the lake


It's a warm and sunny summer day on Buckeye Lake, 2010. Young cyclists speed along in their racing gear, in front of the bank. Signs designate the bike route through town. The bike rack is full in front of the pizza shop. Street vendors offer drinks and snacks; a kite shop flies its brightest kites. A retired veteran flies an American flag as he purrs homeward on his scooter. I wave at my neighbor from Fairfield Beach as she whirs past me in her scarlet and gray golf cart. The flowers on my bike basket dance as I come to a stop and park my bike in the bike rack.

I have lived on Buckeye Lake at Fairfield Beach for almost five years now and have begun wondering about a bike/scooter path around the lake. Now with gas at $4 per gallon and rising, I wonder what it would take to make it happen.

I have ridden my bike along Ohio 204 on the south side of the lake and you take your life in your hands everytime. There are a couple of areas that are pretty scary. Vehicles can't see you until they are on top of you and there is no place to ride on the side of the road for safety.

If there are others out there who would like to see this happen, please get in touch with me at 13764 Pine Road, Thornville 43076. I would appreciate any suggestions or help. Sylvia Sylvester Fairfield Beach

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