2008-07-05 / Editorials & Letters

Writer, neighbors not ready to give up township bridge


Most of the neighbors that have property south of Honey Creek Road have been there at least 20 years or more. I don't know where the idea came from that we wanted that bridge removed. We can't wait until the other one is back open and we don't have to fight the traffic to get back to our properties. That's our way to the store.

Families from the Robinwood addition send their children to the store over the CR 79 bridge. A child was killed on the Honey Creek bridge; do we need to let that happen to another child?

Most people like to walk that bridge or use their golf carts to get the store which is totally out of the question right now. As far as boats getting under that bridge, they have been doing it ever since we have had our place and that's been about 40 years. That's a crock that you can't get thru the bridge due to the sediment. We don't seem to have a problem and neither do AMVETS patrons.

And speaking of the sediment, if the county would take care of the other end of that channel like the old locks that have been there forever, the sediment would more than likely go away once it starts draining like it should. It looks like the sludge pits from dredging are also draining into those old locks and backing the sediment into our channel since we never had it before.

If they are going to take out that bridge, they need a walk bridge for people to use golf carts or something to get to the store. I know Mr. Payne is in dire need to get boats back to his establishment, but it's not going the island that is in the middle of the channel. The bridge does not have anything to do with it.

There is no sediment preventing boats from getting under the bridge which is evident by the boat traffic. Residents paying dock fees are on the west side of the island and are not having a problem getting in and out or under the bridge. Trust me, we are paying big time.

As far as the health issue and stagnant water, I agree that the EPA or someone needs to get involved with that. It has to do with the depth of water on the east side of the island and I again bring up the fact that until it's dredged - which they say is not going to happen - your problem is not going to be solved.

And what is the Toy Store gripping about? If the bridge is removed, he's still not going to be able to launch anything on the south side. It is all private property.

And Mr. Dodd, I would like you to come and sit for a couple of hours on my property or my neighbor's and tell us what problems would be solved by removing that bridge.

Leave our bridge alone until dredging is available on the south side. There is a lot of wildlife on the island and I really don't care to see it washed away like the marsh is doing. You won't get any signatures on our side. We don't want a bunch of big boats tearing up and down that channel like they do with wet bikes now.

Leave our little bit of paradise alone. B J Evans Thorn Township

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